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8K SVIP is a European collaborative project of four academic and industrial partners: intoPIX, Cesnet, Image Matters and AV Media. As 2018 is considered as the year where 8K needs to be a reality in broadcast studios, 8K SVIP is reducing the gap between the current studios only equipped with HD signals and migrating to 4K and the necessary transmission of 8K signals over IP networks and SDI. The project is developing advanced transport technologies to enable broadcast studios to manage and transport 8K signals.


AV Media, Czech Republic, SME

AV MEDIA was established in 1992. Presently, we are a Czech leader in presentation, projection and audiovisual technologies. By designing and implementing our solutions for image and sound sharing, we bring to our customers inspiration, benefits and enjoyment. We deliver professional services from the suggestion of design all the way to training and subsequent servicing, continuously monitoring the latest trends and then bringing them to the Czech Republic as the first ones. 

 AV technologies and other products provided by us are used in conference and meeting areas, at control sites with uninterrupted operation, in classrooms and training rooms, for specialized simulation and 3D applications, in cinemas, in museum expositions, at trade fairs and at plenty of other places. 

Our customers include schools, universities, cultural institutions, companies, public administration, hotels and households.In the 8KSVIP, AV Media bring its user experience to bring suitable solutions for several dedicated use cases.

CESNET, Czech Republic, Research Center

CESNET is a National Research and Educational Network (NREN) in Czech Republic. It operates e-infrastructure for universities and research institutions including a high-speed Internet, cloud storage and computing facilities and distance collaboration tools.

CESNET also undertakes its own research and development in national and EU projects related to computer network technologies.

In the 8KSVIP project, CESNET will develop IP cores for bridging of compression cores to the network and video interfaces and will collaborate on functional demonstration for practical use cases.

intoPIX, Belgium, SME, Coordinator

Founded in 2005, intoPIX is an independent image technology company which benefits from world-class expertise and knowledge in image processing & compression, cryptography and micro-electronics.

 intoPIX enables its customers with leading-edge video and image compression, security and hardware enforcement IP-cores for audiovisual markets. Their implementation in the latest generation of FPGA & ASIC chips provide today’s highest quality, most flexible and cost effective handling tools for high throughput data streams. intoPIX  IP-Cores includes a wide range of compression cores such as JPEG 2000 , TICO lightweight compressions

 In the 8KSVIP project, intoPIX is working on first 8K compression solutions for building efficient and cost effective 8K UHDTV Live video Interfaces

Image Matters, Belgium, SME

Image Matters provides unique FPGA video processing modules to accelerate image processing and save time in acquisition, (post)production, distribution and archiving. Image Matters advanced video boards manipulate multiple video codecs such as JPEG2000, TICO, HEVC and MPEG to provide the highest image quality. 

Ready for High Frame Rate, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut and Stereoscopic-3D, Image Matters powerful cost-effective new PCB delivers superior quality and affordable high-end image processing for OEMs. 

 Image Matters is the founder of the origami™ Ecosystem, a unique marketplace for hardware product range and pre-validated IP-Cores from many world-class collaborating vendors. New and customized products have never been easier to create for multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K products. 

For more information on Image Matters, the origami™ ecosystem and its products, go tohttp://image.matters.pro/

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